20000 Nanometers Under the Sea

20000 Nanometers Under the Sea is an ongoing investigation and game project inspired by Jules Verne’s novel. I am interested in exploring the concept of uncertainty in level design by transforming physical structures into digital ones. The game takes p
lace under a microscope using slides with different specimens and biological material.

The 2D-input image from the microscope camera is transformed to a 3-dimensional mesh and into a collision mesh in real time. I have developed the code in C++ with the open source environment Cinder and have experimented porting the code to openFrameworks. I have also looked at the Unreal game engine as an option. I am seeking some funding to continue the project.

Here is a short clip:


An early prototype of the game (as well as my location based game Tidy City) has been featured in the German web series “Bubble Universe” by Morphium Film. The series was shot in 2010 and gives insights into the German computer games industry featuring companies like Crytec, Yager and Daedalic. You can see me in episode 9 (4:29 - 7:08). The documentary is in German.



Microscopic Mixed Reality Game

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